Animal Health Management Program (AHMP): This program is designed to help owners in need get the wellness care and spay neuter needed to help animals live long lives and increase owner retention. This program is meant to help decrease the current pet overpopulation in Texas as well as strengthening the Owner animal bond by contributing to healthy happy pets.

This program provides funding for Spay/Neuter, vaccinations, microchipping and additional health requirements for owned animals.

Rescue Transport/Transfer: Program pending: This program is a collaboration with other rescues and non-profits transport animals from overpopulated areas to areas of the country where good homes are more readily available.

Trap Neuter Release Program: Program Pending: Program designed to reduce homeless cat population through Spay and Neuter. Caring families can apply for this program under the Programs and Services tab. This program is designed for feral cats only!

Foster Program: This program is specifically designed for owner surrender deferment.

Pet Retention Program:Obedience training designed to overcome behavioral concerns. Our goal is to decrease owner surrender of animals through behavior modification. Public classes will be coming soon and will be found on our events calendar.

Respite Care Program:Respite care is meant to those going through a temporary separation where they can not care for their animals for a designated time. Examples include: Deployed military, disaster relief, hospitalization.

This program links a group of partners that provide temporary housing and care for animals whose owners need only short-term assistance.

Pet Pantry Program: The pet pantry program provides food to lower income families in need of assistance with their animals.
Pet Pantry Distribution @ Alamo Goodwill every 2nd Monday of the month from 9-11:30am
Education Program: With many of our programs we overlap owner education on animal health and responsible pet ownership.